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New Pro Sports S Series LED Floodlight


Our all new addition to the ProSportsseriers. contact our team for more information.

New Pro Sports S Series LED Floodlight


We are proud to announce the latest range in the Pro Sport Series LED floodlights offering even more options when converting your sports facility to LED

150w LED Lamp


The 150w Lamp produces 26000 lumens (luminous flux), i.e. the amount of light that the lamp emits, and has only a 5% degradation rate over five years.
Modern LED Lamps represent a massive increase in efficiency needing less electricity over traditional bulbs to produce the same light output.
If you add into the equation the 80,000 hour life span, you could save thousands in running costs over the lifespan of these LED bulbs

To find out what LED Lamp best suits your needs, and get a free no obligation quote for your requirement why not drop us a line here, or call us directly to speak to our team who will help guide you into the right choice for your particular needs.

The range of LED lamps we have available goes from this 150w LED Light to the massive 3000w LED Light.

NEW 6pc LED Cabochon Lamp E14


This addition to the Cabochon/Fairground Lighting range is an exact replacement in apperance and performance to the incandescent lamps, saving you up to 90% on running costs. This lamp fits all E14 cabachon covers and is available in cool and warm colour. Samples available on request.

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Nexgen LED we can simply supply you with the best quality LED lights or we can also offer a fully qualified fitting service to help convert your business to LED.

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