Here you will find some of the questions our customers had regarding LED lighting. 


Q. Do i need to change the fittings to use LED lights?

A. In most cases LED lamps will fit straight into vour exsisting fittings with out any problems. The only light you may need to change fittings for is T* Tube lights. Some older model fittings wont work with LED tubes. 


Q. What happens if one of the lights blows?

A. In the unlikely event that one of our LED lights should fail within the guarantee period we will issue a replacement free of charge. Simple contact customer support, in most cases all we will require is a picture of the defected lamp, and we will arrange a replacement to be sent as son as possible.


Q. I have a commercial building of 5000 square meters, would you come out to advise me on what LED lighting I need ?

A. We would be happy to help, contact us through our 'contacts page'

Q. Can you supply stadium lights?

A. Yes we can

Q. Do you give discounts on large orders?

A. Yes, it will vary according to the size of the order


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