The Ultra LED Floodlights can be designed to work perfectly for any situation and commercial showrooms are another excellent place for these lights to shine. The crisp day white light produced by the floodlights will help display your stock and make any showroom a fresh, bright & modern selling environment.

By taking the measurements of the salling area and positioning of the current lighting we can run the numbers through our lumen simulator to calculate the exact positioning angles and strength needed for each ultra LED floodlight to replace the current fragile and expensive lighting. These LED lights will be able to offer a better quality of light whilst saving up to 90% on the cost of running the lights and saving on the cost of maintaining the lights. with an average life span of 80,000 hours this mean years will pass without ever needing to change the lights, plus you have the added bonus of having a 5 year warranty giving you complete piece of mind in the quality of these lights

The first step is to assess your lighting needs, where possible we will either make a visit to your premises or take your lighting area information over the phone, from here we will run your details through our lumens simulator software which will allows us to identify your exact lighting needs to either replace you current lighting system with money saving LED lights offering the same lumens as your current lighting system or improve the lighting quality. We will give you a full lighting report and price guide giving you all the information you will need to make the right choice. This service is completely free of charge, offered with no obligation and will give you the confidence to know you are making the right decision and making a sound financial investment.

For more information and pricing or to arrange an appointment with our lighting experts please contact us via our contact page, email or by phone. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are waiting to help.

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